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Fresh Selection: Elephante - Flashback (Calvin Harris Cover)


Fresh Selection: Elephante - Flashback (Calvin Harris Cover)

Elephante has the cover game on lock (if you're familiar we have featured him before)! This time he jumps right into pop EDM territory taking on Calvin Harris' "Flashback" to deliver something special. He has a bold voice and ambition to match. It is no easy task to live up to Calvin's original vocals, but Elephante lives up to and raises the stakes a bit further. Fundamentally, this a tremendously successful rework from production to vocal prowess. Now, let us just hope Elephante keeps on singing, it is a damn shame Calvin Harris seldom unleashes those pipes at his live shows!

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"So this is my cover of the brilliant "Flashback" by Calvin Harris - one of my all time favorite house tracks, so i wanted to put my own spin on it... resang the vocals and made a shiny brand new instrumental for it... ENJOY!" - Elephante

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