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Fresh Selection: Huxley Cooks Up Chill Cheesy House Music

Huxley Cooks Up Chill Cheesy House Music


Huxley Cooks Up Chill Cheesy House Music

For the uninformed foodie, halloumi is a cypriot semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from milk of a goat, sheep or even a cow. It has a high melting point, so perfect for grilling and frying. No surprise then that always hot fire British Huxley cooks up a cheesy inspired work of house music that is chill to its core, but absolutely sizzling. This song has a groove that will satiate any dancefloor hunger, absolutely delicious!

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Huxley recently uploaded this song, along with 12 others, that did not make the cut to his album, but are definitely worth a listen on Souncloud.

"Here are some demos that never made it onto my album, Blurred. none are finished, mastered or mixed. but I hope you enjoy!" - Huxley

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