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Fresh Selection: Whitney Fierce - Breath


Fresh Selection: Whitney Fierce - Breath

A Magnetic favorite! We are big supporters of RIS Labs, and their latest release by Whitney Fierce only bolsters our deep love and appreciation for this artistic collective. The track is a nebulous affair with layers upon layers of masterful artistry that hypnotizes and entices. Whitney’s ghastly vocal manipulation is a major strength that subtly puts the listener on edge, only to slowly lure the listener deeper into the song’s embrace. Be ready, this is a work that will take you some place deep.

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“I like taking banal, everyday things, and elevating them to art. Breathing as a concept has this strange, mystical feeling to it. It’s fucking body-wind. Have you ever thought of that? Every minute of every day, you’re circulating plant fumes in and through your body. Maybe it’s a meditation on reality, maybe I’m just pulling things out of thin air and attempting to be heady. But I’m not entirely. Promise.” – Whitney Fierce

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