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Guest Podcast & Interview: Purple Disco Machine

Guest Podcast & Interview: Purple Disco Machine

The man behind the funkiest color and the funkiest genre provides us with sixty minutes of his self-described "deep funk" and he even answered five burning questions we just had to ask him about the origin of his funky alias and also what he considers the top disco tunes of all time!

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1. Tell me about your artist name, Purple Disco Machine. Is there a certain fascination you have with the color purple & disco or is there a bit more of hidden meaning behind it?

Unfortunately there is no secret hidden story behind the name. I love the old funk and 80s music and all kinds of disco as well. So I thought I needed a name which fits perfect to my sound. For me Purple Disco Machine is the perfect name for all these.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone that's never heard your music before?

My sound has to be always funky, groovy and housy with positive message. I don't like to call my music deep house. It's more deep funk.

3. Name your top three disco tunes of all time.

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4. Tell us about the exclusive mix you did for us. How did you go about putting it together?

This set was recorded a few weeks ago in Shanghai on my first gig in China. It was an amazing night and the set includes a lot of my own and unreleased tracks, showcasing how a typical PDM night runs.

5. Any plans to tour the U.S. anytime soon?

Well, last year I played some single shows there but this autumn I am going to come over for my first big tour of the United States. I'm totally excited and looking forward to having an amazing time there.

Check out his latest releases below which are both out now:

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