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Guns Pulled, Stuff Stolen - DJs Reportedly Brawl With Security


DJs Reportedly Brawled With Security. Guns Pulled. Stuff Stolen.

Photo credit: Daniel de las Casas (Miami Mayhem)

A whole hell of a lot of shit just went down at Wild Bull in New Jersey according to reports. DJs Getter, JPhelpz, Dubloadz and Extrax appear to be involved.

JPhelpz says he was robbed during his set; Extrax says his computer was stolen; and Getter says a gun was pulled on him during a fight, also noting that Dubloadz got "knocked by guards".

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Guns Pulled, Stuff Stolen - DJs Reportedly Brawl With Security reported earlier that venue security may have been heavily involved in the incident (this report could not be confirmed).

In a Facebook post, Extrax noted that a years worth of music and upcoming EP were gone with his laptop. He also backed up other stories noting that JPhelpz' wallet was stolen and Dubloadz was "beat by fucking security over Bs".

Dubfire is the only artist mentioned that has not posted a social media response which is concerning given the reports. However, Extrax also noted that it's his understanding that the DJ is ok.

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