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High-Profile DJs In Solidarity To Promote 'Tidal'


deadmau5, Calvin Harris In Advertising Solidarity

Why so blue Calvin Harris and deadmau5? You may have noticed that several musicians turned their profile pictures cyan blue (or possibly turquoise) today, and the reason was pretty surprising.

Is it Earth Day? Political? Humanitarian? None of the above. It's the launch of Jay-Z's new music streaming service.

The two high-profile DJs are just a couple of several musicians showing solidarity as part owners of the new platform. The artist's also have hashed out #TidalForAll. The service will cost either 9.99 or 19.99 per month based on your needs and promises higher quality music.

The "expensive" service is more evidence that music is moving to a non-free model. We previously reported rumors that Apple is planning its own service for around $10/month. The trouble for free services like Spotify is that if artists can see that pay-services are working, there is no incentive to offer their tracks up for free. And honestly, it's going to be hard to compete with powerhouses like Jay-Z and Apple.

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deadmau5, Calvin Harris In Advertising Solidarity

As The Verge reports, " was also announced that Taylor Swift would be making her back catalog of albums available on Tidal but not Spotify as a protest against the latter's free tier."

The one service swimming against the blue tide right now is Beatport, who just launched their new music streaming service for free. While they've long been connected with exclusive releases and a thick electronic catalog, the winds may be changing with deadmau5 and Calvin Harris riding the Tide.

Tidal is expected to launch at 2 p.m. PST today. The Verge also reports that Tidal was initially a Scandinavian service called Aspiro. It calls itself the "first high-fidelity music streaming service with high definition music videos".

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