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Is Clarence Clarity A Music God, Or Just Creepy?

Is Clarence Clarity Creepy, Or A Music God?

Clarence Clarity will test your idea of boundaries

No matter how weird you got over the weekend, Clarence Clarity had you beat. He's always had you beat.

I didn't recognize the name either, but this album is something to aspire to. Clarence Clarity has created something so obscure it'll test your boundaries. A mesmerizing mix of electro glitch, hip hop, and pop bliss.

We all like to think we're cool, blabbering on and on about the state of electronic music, the slanderous term that is EDM... and we speak so much about bubbles we could get a nice soak in if we weren't more inclined to troll on Tinder.

But when it comes down to it, do we really want something different, or are we just saying we want something different (because it's the underground thing to do)? You better ask yourself that before we go any further.

Let me start by saying there's a very thick, black line between unconditional love and creepy. Now let me finish by saying that line no longer exists. All of your sense are overloaded simultaneously on No Now and it's hard to know what to make of it.

This is coffee pitch black with cartons of cream, and I'm buzzing off the raw sugar. Whatever this is that I'm feeling, I can't get enough.

Maybe it's the Broadway-bester in "Will To Believe", maybe it's pure melody breaking through in "Porn Mountain", or maybe it's the frigid demonic breaths in "Off My Grid" rustling the palm leaves in an 80s Miami paradise.

No Now is anything and everything.

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Like a microcosm for the entire album, the track "Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash" sings-a-long with a promise to unite witches and catholics.

20-tracks deep, the entire album defies any kind of genre-labeling. Perhaps the best way to describe it is Murphys Law. Anything that can happen will happen (if you're thinking Interstellar, you're only beginning to get the idea).

In that sense, the album is like an encoded message of humanity that's been received and returned by an advanced alien civilization. Distorted only by our own interpretation of what beauty should look like, music should sound like, and what EDM should or shouldn't be.

Though all the melodic chaos,Clarence is delivering emotional Clarity by the carton.Unfiltered, reflective, timeless and overwhelming. An overindulgence of humanity in the best way - where complacency is the only limit.

On Facebook, Clarity has said he's "feeling crazy" and told (in reference to his reviews) that "good’ and ‘bad’ is subjective nonsense". We'd have to agree that he's beyond that. No Now is easily the best album of pure music I've heard in years.

Stream below - support on iTunes.

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Are you creeped out, or did Clarence Clarity just drop the best album of the year?

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