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Jay-Z & Rick Ross Turned Trap By GTA


Jay-Z & Rick Ross Turned Trap By GTA

Even by Teflon Don standards, this GTA remix is hard. Rick Ross didn't exactly have an angelic track on his hands when he teamed up with Jay-Z for "Movin Bass", but the original almost sounds that way now.

GTA's "death to genre" battle cry is no more apparent than on this track. The remix is layered with spooky ceremonial chants, making it darker and more intense than the original while sticking to the hip hop vibe, for a while at least. It soon becomes evident that the chants have given rise to some sort of trap beast.

The Miami duo are fresh off releasing 4 mini mixes ahead of their DTG Vol. 1 EP due Monday (3/23). You can listen to the first original off the EP, "Mic Check" below along with the Rick Ross & Jay-Z "Movin Bass" remix (dropping April 7th via Def Jam).

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