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Kygo Appears In First-Ever Music Video

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Kygo Appears In First-Ever Music Video

You've certainly heard Kygo's tropical sound before, but now is your chance to really get a feel for it. He just unveiled his debut music video, and will soon debut an all new live show.

The 24-year-old Norwegian recently dropped the single "Firestone" and this just-released video captures the same kind of hot ice he's best known for. Colors range from cold blues to warm reds and follows a man in search for a lost-love (also something hot and cold).

Kygo makes cameo in the video presumably as himself playing a beachside sunset party which paints the artist just as you'd expect. Given that most videos now either feature the artists in concert footage, or don't feature them at all, this was a bit unexpected.

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There will be even more to see from the 24-year-old Norwegian superstar this summer too. This month, he'll show off a all new live show experience at Ultra.

We've seen him play live acoustically before which was awfully impressive, and then when you consider his upcoming work with Dillon Francis... well, you just won't want to miss the party.

Kygo will also be performing at Coachella (April 12th and 19th), CounterPoint (May) and Firefly (June) festivals.

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