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4 LA Fashion Designers Transforming The Culture

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4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

In the city of strange angels, a lot has been happening to the fashion world. A cultural renaissance of new, young blood have been adding color, flavor and vibrance to what was recently considered a somewhat sorry state for fashion. This transformation from meek to style mecca can be credited to collectives like Dripped.

Dripped is a multifaceted platform created by, and for, artists. They're empowering LA’s young talents and visionaries through fashion soirees and live music events. By setting a stage and creative environment for artists and business professionals to continue creating, Dripped is supporting the progression and production of local art. This is making them a diversely cool crew and an army of some of the city’s most influential tastemakers.

In conjunction with Los Angeles Fashion week (LAFW), Dripped has joined forces with 25 LA fashion brands and designers to present a unique pop-up retail experience in an underground party atmosphere in the emerging Arts District. This super chic event takes place March 18th and is designed to bring together the creative community of LA. To add even more icing to the cake, it also boasts one badass runway show not to be missed with four next-level emerging designers.

We caught up with these designers who predicted fashion trends for the upcoming year. Photographer and partner in crime, Bryce Darlington Swink, was behind the lens capturing this DTLA rooftop realness.

From left: @acidraiiin @trippykidsister

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

Oscar Utierrè

Predicted fashion trend for this year?

I don’t necessarily like to predict trends. It's not a goal of mine to find the next trend nor is it part of my aesthetic or plan to do so. I can say that I definitely like to do my research and see what's out there. However, I think that making a beautifully tailored, one-of-a-kind garment that fits the owner perfectly not only gives them a sense of empowerment and confidence; it also satisfies me to know that these garments can simply be a "favorite piece of clothing" to them. Feeling power, significance, and importance is timeless and will never go out of style.

Describe your style or the brand.

I would say my personal style is very dark. For my brand, I like to combine what some may considered "distressed pieces" with nicely tailored, well-made garments. I like the concept of being able to wear beautifully tailored clothing with statement pieces. An example would be a clean blazer with a distressed shirt that shows some skin, complemented with a nice piece of detailed jewelry made with abnormal, uncommon materials. I like to play with the dichotomy of masculine and feminine elements with my style, integrating both into all of my garments.

Current music you vibe with?

I mostly listen to electronic and R&B music. I love artists such as FKA Twigs. She implements such a powerful, unique identity along with her fashion style and music. I feel like artist such as Twigs are so brave because they are not afraid to take risks, be different, and still make soulful music that reflects their artistry and personal style. Every detail, sound choice, and lyric of hers always keeps me thinking. It's refreshing really. I always expect nothing but the best out of her projects because I feel that she has such a creative mind and is truly herself both visually and musically.

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

Anika Perkins

Predicted fashion trend for this year?
Although trends are important factors, I prefer timeless looks.

Describe your style or the brand.
I use my psychedelic illustrations as inspiration with a futuristic and psychological twist. I like to use abstract representation of forms to create a coherent message in my work. My upcoming collection focuses on the strength and duality of the mind represented by characters I've created called MINDGUARDS.

Current music you vibe with?

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

Kaley Giovinazzo's (Distilled Utopia)

Predicted fashion trend for this year?

I predict trending garments that break barriers of sex, construction, and the egotism of mass marketing. Women and men are going to find themselves feeling powerful in what they wear voting with their dollar- quality over quantity

Describe your style or the brand...
My brand is pro life! Very delicate, gentle, and changing like the essence of our nature

Current music you vibe with?
I've been kicking it old school with Kraftwerk's Computer World and when I really want to get moving I switch to Soundcloud listening to Ride the Universe, FKJ, and Neon Indian

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

Brooks Jones (Samsara Collections)

Predicted fashion trend for this year? More tech wear

Describe your style or the brand.
Samsara Collections style is expressed through vibrant digital prints across an array of ever changing materials to create a unisex sportswear garment base for the cyber soul of tomorrow.

Current music you vibe with? Delakeyz

4 LA Fashion Designers Trending In Music

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