M.I.A. Photo Captures Spirit Of New Single


(M.I.A. uploaded this Instagram photo which seems to capture the spirit of her new single quite well)

New M.I.A. Single Sounds Different (To Put It Nicely)

M.I.A.dropped a new single this weekend, and we might have missed it, but this one really stood out.

The artist is known for featuring progressive production from the likes of Diplo, Switch, The Partysquad, Rusko, and herself. You know her music is gonna be grimy and scrapped with rugged lyrics, but she always manages to throw a surprise punch.

So when she just handed off her latest single with a mere hum, it made us wonder...

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We'd say she "released" the song but that would make it sound as if she was holding on to something alive. "Can See Can Do" is possibly the least lively track we've heard from her... ever.

The production is sparse and uninspired - sounding like a few generic loops were pasted together in a few minutes. And M.I.A. seems to agree. Her tone is about as lively as one could muster on one hour of sleep without coffee. The na-na-na's seem to represent the sheer laziness of the record. Like, why even say anything?

M.I.A. previously tweeted that another single "All My People" would be released soon which has yet to happen. She told her "hardcore fans" to "hang in there" because "summer is coming". It's almost as if she knew this track wouldn't live up to expectations.

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