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Madeon Album Released Early For Streaming

Madeon Album Released Early For Streaming

We don't have to tell you Madeon's new album is amazing, you can hear it for yourself. The entire thing is now streaming live via iTunes Radio First Play, one week before it's official release.

Listen to the full Madeon album Adventure here. 

The Fader has called it "the best electronic album of 2015 so far". While we understand their hedging their bets, they wouldn't be too far off by dropping the closing two words of that quote. Every single released seems to be bigger than the next.

With the album stream comes the release of yet another singe - "Nonsense" - featuring Mark Foster (Foster The People).

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If streaming the entire Madeon album a week early isn't good enough for you, you can also pre-order the download version on iTunes and receive this track and more instantly. If you're more into vinyl and freebies, make sure to get in on his scavenger hunt for prize packs relating to the album.

This is the second shocking Madeon announcement this week, as he just announced a major addition to his upcoming tour.

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