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Madeon Debuts Vocals On New Single

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Madeon Debuts Vocals On New Single

Madeon had hinted that he'd be adding his own vocals to his upcoming album, and now we can finally hear it.

Madeon could surely have brought on a major vocalist. After all, his new album Adventure will feature Passion Pit, Bastille and Mark Foster (Foster The People). But any thought that he's taking a back seat to pop talent would be completely misguided.

"Home" couldn't be a more fitting track for Madeon to debut his vocals. The 20-year-old French producer sinks right into the heavy production. The vocals sound just as good, if not better than those that would come from the outside post-production.

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Madeon has now done production, performed at major festivals, worked with indie icons, sang on his own tracks, built a full album and added to it all with blockbuster music videos. This kid is truly turning himself into a future pop icon. Adventure will definitely be an album to pay attention to when it hits March 30th. All that considered, his tour that follows should be nothing short of spectacular.

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