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Magnetic's Weekend Insider: LA's Best Music Events (3.6.15)

Photo by: Mallory Morrison. Models: Kristina Emerson and Kim Hidalgo. Suits by: Triangl

mallory bikini pool

With a weather forecast of 80 degrees this Saturday and a music forecast of FIRE, don’t miss the 3rd edition of Disco Dive 2015! Of course, there's plenty more music events to get your fill of weekend too. Just don't drown in it all.

Friday (3/6)


Coco Disco & MAXV at Teddy's Hollywood

Fridays church…Teddy’s strikes again with that disco darling everyone’s been raving about, COCO DISCO!! Her tracks are just as smokin’ hot as she is, so don’t let her girly good looks make you think she won’t pack big boy sounds. With her is Mr. Aloha himself, MAXV. See you on the floor ya’ll!

Note: Say “beeshie” at door for free entry!!

Saturday (3/7)


Disco Dive
Dance Spirit & More at The Standard, DTLA
Hosted by: Myself (Megan Sutherland), Samantha Ogle, Kevin Wilen, Francine Natale

Pool Party Season strikes again... In a city where every day that ends in “y” seems to be a holiday with a massive amount of musically inclined parties available to frequent (emphasis on the FREQ), it can be challenging to stand out in the crowd of events. Well, in the sea of options for Angelino’s to sail, Disco Dive has been standing strong for 5 years now! I mean, that’s like 100 in club years guys…

To see for yourself why this roof top bonanza has been buzzing for nearly half a decade, mount up to the DTLA Standard this Saturday and secure a spot on the dance floor for Dance Spirit!


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Dream Don't Sleep
Maceo Plex & More at Exchange, Los Angeles
Event by: Insomniac: Inception
Gallery room by: Rollingtuff

Quality music is born from the soul but gifted life through the gathering of like-minded people on the dance floor, giving wings to friendship and feelings to thought. Every Saturday at Exchange, good music and good memories bloom. This is the Inception of something beautiful. - Inception description



Carte Blanche
Solar, Jeniluv, and Heidi at No Filter, Hollywood
Event by: Natí Beesh

Holy Hell, SOLAR is in town and joining him are musical muses JENI LUV & HEIDI!!!

Note: A very special Happy bday to my disco daughter miss Michelene Cha!

Sunday (3/8)


Lil Death
Tamara Sky & More at The Figeroua Hotel, LA
Event by: Overthrow & The Well
As always, hosted by techno shamens Caleb Gauge and Steven Griffin

Back in black, the cyber goths of the night return for a night of epic proportions musically. Deemed one of L.A’s darkest and dopest shindigs to attend, LIL DEATH is the spot where tastemakers, dance music enthusiasts, fashionistas and fierce fashion lords unite on one dance floor to worship some seriously sick sounds.

Note: Come early, because these nights hit capacity fast. RSVP for discount admission

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