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Mayer Hawthorne Competes With Jake One In Tennis Match

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Mayer Hawthorn Competes With Jake One In Tennis Match

Mayer Hawthorne, Jake One and Snoop Dogg. Who is "Number one"? To find out, the two covered a classic Snoop Dogg track during a tennis match.

Could Mayer Hawthorne really make those returns while singing and flirting? More importantly, could he compete with Snoop Dogg on the vocals? We won't spoil it for you, but we'll say they do nice job of refreshing the funk of "Ain't No Fun" with their cover.

"We always wondered what the original sample was for "Ain't No Fun". Since we couldn't figure it out, we decided we would dream up what it sounded like and record it ourselves.”"

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The Grammy-nominated artists just released their debut collaborative album (as Tuxedo) on March 3rd, with "Number One" being the album's closing track. On March 20th, the Tuxedo duo will perform live with a full band at SXSW as part of the Stones Throws event.

So are Mayer Hawthorne or Jake One truly number one? Or does Snoop still have it? If you didn't know, Snoop just put together an entirely new album with Pharrell Williams that's due in May.

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