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Mixware Releases CTRL Series Cases For Your Controller!

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Mixware's at it again folks - this time with the CTRL-Case series for the NI Traktor Kontrol S8, Numark NV, and Akai Pro AMX/AFX DJ controllers. In CASE you missed their release of the Decksaver series... check it out here.

Protecting ya' deck's never been so affordable. For a custom-fit case, $50.00 - $120.00 isn't asking a lot. Why they don't just provide the shells and cut-your-own padding for custom fits is beyond me, but at least they chose the top selling gear on the market.

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Designed for airline compartments and long-term travel, these cases guarentee your baby's in good hands. While I wouldn't go dropping your S8 off a parking deck, it's protected against drops (the ones in your mix notwithstanding), spills, and every-day wear and tear.

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