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New Dillon Francis Moombah Single Officially Leaked


Dillon Francis Leaks New Monster Moombahton Track

Moombahton is back. This new Dillon Francis track is the first official thing we've heard from his new EP and it's an absolute monster.

He's been teasing his "Moombahton EP" for a little while now, but this is a good example of just how different it could be. Francis had specifically mentioned he has collaborations with Skrillex and Bro Safari on the upcoming EP, and this one definitely feels a bit Skrilly.

You might know Dillon Francis for his oddball antics and mainstream releases, but his rise took place from the Moom. For those who weren't with it from 2011-2012, Moombahton was a genre that had a flash of popularity, largely due to Dillon Francis himself.

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It's unclear if this new live preview is his collaboration with Skrillex, and it sounds like a heavily modernized version of Moombahton, but the impossible classification makes it all the bigger. Listen to the footage below from Lollapalooza Chile. He said he thinks the EP will drop "early summer."

Listen to the song by checking out the full video tweet from Dillon Francis.

New Dillon Francis Moombah Single Leaked

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