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New Drum & Bass Chart – 3.1.15


What is happening?! After boasting blokeishly about my dirty, dark T-Rex style dnb preference last week, I’ve basically turned a sheepish 180 and have been wallowing delightedly in a gooey swamp of liquid for the past few days. I have now come to the conclusion that I am basically just a fickle and indecisive beasty throwing my weight around. Do what I want! Hey, you can too! New albums are being released (or are on leadup to release)  by the shit ton recently, so come surf the beautiful wave of audio goodness below. There's plenty to choose from, and some outright brain belters in the mix as well...

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

Check the previous Drum & Bass chart right here.

"A Day That Never Comes"
Calyx & Teebee
RAM Records

Calyx & Teebee - pure legendry of the highest degree. That sentence rhymes so it must be true. I’m even down with that spasming ape sound wobble…what is that?! NewLP on the horizon kidssss….

Logistics ft. Inja
Hospital Records

MC Inja. Logistics. Rolllller. Jungle vibes.

"The Black Hole"
Viper Recordings

Despite being the name of a particularly terrifying waterslide I once became acquainted with - I’m pleased to finally make new, more positive associations with the word. Great track below and "Rollercoaster" by Smooth is also worth a jam.

"Say Goodbye"
Technique Recordings

Gently, gently does it…Spectrem sneaking some house vibe into the drum & bass, but doing it well, so we forgive. Like the style.

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"Twenty Questions"
Ivy Lab
Critical Music

Ivy Lab is the accumulative goodness of three blokes called Sabre, Stray and Halogenix. The Critical Music bio cites their new EP as spanning the most pearlescent of DnB through to rough, rugged glitch and raw half time grooves. Sold in. Too easy!

"You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me"
Med School Records

Currently only to be found on Hospital Records Podcast #253 predating its release on March 16th. Beautiful as always.

State of Mind
Eat Brain

NZ boys at ittttt….there’s a new EP in town and it’s storming the actual neighbourhood. Four tracks - I think I'm feeling "Bypass" best, but I don't know!? Over to the jury!

"Treasured Soul" (S.P.Y Remix)
Michael Calfan
Hospital Records

No, I do not own shares in either the S.P.Y, or the Hospital Records franchise. Hearty fandom at its most innocent - drooling fan at its least. Pretty sure I'm not alone in this appreciation however, which makes it better and all the more socially acceptable. Enjoy!

"Escaping Now" (Zulishanti Remix)
Sauniks ft. Lokka Vox

Dreamy, driving track shaped into a proper little builder by the talented hands of unsigned Philly producer, Zulishanti (or Andrew if you’re feeling familiar). Get a taste of him before everyone wants a slice!

Borderline / MC Coppa
Comanche Recordings

Call it favouritism, call it what you like – I know when I’m on to a good thing! "Glad you came, you’ve made it to the end – look at your watch - it’s 6 a.m."
If you’re still bashing this type of track at 6 a.m., you have my respect.

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