New Kaskade Single Uncharacteristically Rowdy


New Kaskade Single Uncharacteristically Rowdy

Kaskade can go just as hard as Skrillex as it turns out. The progressive artist dropped a brand new track during Holy Ship! the other weekend and it's uncharacteristically rowdy.

Skrillex appears to be the "bad" influence here. The track went off during Kaskade's B2B set with him, and even sounds a bit influenced by his sound. ... Just to make sure you got that - the new Kaskade single sounds influenced by Skrillex.

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At first, the song sounds typical of Kaskade as soft vocals blend into a sea of violins. But then Skrillex comes on the mic, shouts "this boat is rockin!" and then Kaskade unleashes an electro-tech storm so loud it's easy to mistakenly envision Skrillex behind the sound.

The track is called "Never Sleep Alone" and Kaskade went as far as calling it his "next single".

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