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New Krewella Single Sounds Like The 90s

New Krewella Single Sounds Like 90s

When Krewella released their first single without Rain Man after a messy split, many were left unimpressed. Would their follow up be any different?

The answer is yes and no. Somewhat like their previous single "Say Goodbye", the new Krewella track "Somewhere To Run" sounds little like EDM at first. Both tracks sound heavily influenced by 90s alternative rock. But while their previous single was more Limp Bizkit, their new one is more Letters To Cleo.

Krewella are clearly making us rethink out genre labels and sounding great on the vocals in there process. Some might misconstrue this as a move into pop, but pop hasn't really sounded like this since 1999.

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That 90s sound is authentic too since they worked with a guy behind Linkin Park and Korn to produce the track. The hard edge comes from their other collaborator, Pegboard Nerds. This certainly won't stop people from harping on the Krew for needing production assistance, but it don't let that keep you from enjoying the music.

Krewella will be at Ultra Music Festival in Miami on March 29th where they'll reveal a new stage set-up.

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