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New Kygo Single Sounding More Like Avicii


New Kygo Single Sounding More Like Avicii

The new Kygo single "Stole The Show" has nods to Avicii and is a little heavier than your typical trop track.

Parson James delivers aching vocals which are wrapped in a rainy darkness by thick and deep piano chords. But Kygo wouldn't let the whole track go without some sun breaking through. Just in time for the drop, the track gets a little hop in its step.

It reminds us a bit of Avicii's recent work, but it still shows growth from Kygo - moving beyond the bounds of constant sunshine. Despite the nostalgic vocals and vibe on "Stole The Show", it could easily be a staple at festivals this season.

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"We used to have it all but now's our curtain call ... and take our final bow, it's our time to go. But at least we stole the show." -Lyrics

"Stole The Show" is much like Kygo's previous single "Firestone" which carries the same kind of darkly tropical vibe with leading vocals. It almost feels as if Kygo is becoming the new Avicii as Avicii continues to lay low.

Listen to "Stole The Show" and "Firestone" on Spotify.

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