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New Mau5trap Studio Looks Like Mouse Head

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New Mau5trap Studio Looks Like Mouse Head

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deadmau5 is constructing a massive, new mau5trap studio. It kind of looks like a mouse head, doesn't it? "Now to build a better mau5trap" he added.

The new studio also appears to be a hefty upgrade from a previous studio. In 2011, deadmau5 tweeted the below picture which looks a little less mousey and totally basic. How far deadmau5 has come since 2011.

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mau5trap went in a slightly different direction recently with the signing of Colleen d'Agostino. Describing herself as "the first lady of mau5trap" D'Agostino just premiered a new collaboration with the EDM god himself. deadmau5 earlier posted that she had saved his track "SeeYa" which Neon Hitch reportedly attempted to use a few years ago without permission.

The new blueprint appears to be both a literal reconstruction and metaphor for the future. Keep your eye on D'Agostino.

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