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New ZHU Video Makes Us Wonder...


ZHU Emerges In New Video

Though much is still not known about ZHU (he's been revealed only slightly so far), this new ZHU video could be hinting at a bigger unveiling.

"The One" is a track from ZHU's debut project THE NIGHTDAY EP. The video is a mix of blues and reds. Blues being the solo saxophone present, and red being, well, the only color in the entire video.

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It's all very neo-noir and cleverly cloaked behind dark shadows. At the end of the video, a figure appearing to be ZHU (the hair gives it away) slowly emerges. This is followed by tour dates.

So can we infer from the ZHU video that he'll continue to emerge from beyond his event horizon at Ibiza, Amsterdam, London, Paris or Brussels? Or is this just ZHU being ZHU?

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