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Does Numark's HF350 Set A New Standard For Headphones?

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Numark's latest hearthrob is the HF series headphones. Lucky dog that I am, the kind folks at InMusic gave me a pair to test out. The results? Bass-ey, comfortable, and sexier than a Spaghetti Western Clint. Instead of giving you the low-down on all three (HF 150, HF325, HF350), I'll cover the HF350's because they're affordable, comfrotable and, well, you know.

After unboxing, I pulled out a 4-foot cable (gold plated contacts + 1/4'' adapter), the unit itself, and enough plastic to finish off Earth's sea turtle population. No instruction manual or warranty information were given (not even any stickers, bro?), so aside from feeling like Rod Serling was about to read my fate to the audience, I was impressed by the unit's comfort, wicked sound output and retention, and its lightweight design.

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After putting them on, the first thing I noticed was that they were very closed. They neither produced sound nor let it in. The cushion used for the headphones is extremely comfortable and form-fitting, ideal for long sets or listening sessions. The material looks to be high-quality (stress-ball foam, basically), but I see the cushioning being torn or worn out after some time.

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Check the list of features here!

- Studio-grade acoustics with stunning detail for DJ use
- Around-the-ear cups are designed for long-term wearing comfort
- Exceptional handling power for use with pro-grade mixers and controllers
- Rotating earcup provides hands-free, single-ear monitoring
- 40mm driver delivers deep, defined bass for beatmatching
- 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response lets you hear every nuance (though we'd like to see it a bit wider)
- Aggressive isolation for use in noisy environments
- Leatherette earcups provide a cushy, custom fit
- 32 ohm impedance works well with low-output devices
- 4ft (1.2m) cable with 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo plug
- 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch (6.3mm) adapter included

Bad. Ass.

The list price for these buggers is $100.00, much less than a pair of Beats, with more or less the same specifications. The HF350s are looking to bench the competition for best budget DJing headphones on the market. Numark's hit a very good balance of price and performance here, and I expect them to be the most-used headphones in the near-future, maybe even by this year.

For $100.00, there's simply no better alternative on the market. However, while the comfort and design make them great for long sessions, the frequency response is narrow for a product of this caliber, and the material looks to be both uninsured and easily damaged.

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