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Paris Hilton To Headline 'World's Largest Music Festival'


DJ Paris Hilton To Headline 'World's Largest Music Festival'

Let us first start by saying that Kaskade will also be at the festival. With that out of the way, you might be wondering what "the world's largest music festival" is.

The answer is Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Don't believe them? Nearly 900,000 people are expected over 11 days on the Wisco shores of Lake Michigan.

Many festivals claim to be the largest but I can tell you first-hand that this is a massive festival. I've been there numerous times and I've taken part in the festivities and beer culture. I'm not sure exactly what measuring apparatus they use, but the festival is quite expansive as mentioned above with 11 stages.

Summerfest is not known for its EDM as you might imagine. Even given the boom that happened years ago, the festivals remains notable for its rock and classic rock influences. Tiesto and Aoki were there a few years ago, Diplo another year, but really that's about it.

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But what could be worse than not being represented? We won't even say it. Just watch the expression of the guy who announces her name in the video...

Kaskade will be representing electronic culture and representing it well if his new single is any indication. So there's that. Also, Milwaukee is a damn fun city and the Lake Shore festival only costs $70 for all 11 days (or $19 per day).

The full list of headliners is available via the Summerfest website.

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