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PREMIERE: Frankee Wrecks Miami With ‘Excalibur ’

PREMIERE: Frankee Wrecks Miami With ‘Excalibur ’

Miami Music Week – from March 23rd to 29th the city is home to one premiere electronic dance music event in one sick, slick and sexual destination. So who better to ensure that legendary British bass is represented amidst this swarm of dance music, beaches and pool-parties?

Officially accepting that responsibility, taking that big bad sheep by the horns, is RAM Records. Simultaneously grabbing the tequila slammers, boosting the volume, and truly demolishing the party with their new compilation album, RAMiami Drum & Bass 2015.

There are a bunch of big hitters on there, 28 tracks in total if you wanna get detailed, but "Excalibur" from Frankee is what we are here to dance around the beach fire like munters to today.


Step up David Franks, RAM Record’s Frankee and winner of Best Newcomer Producer at the Drum and Bass Awards last year - no faint accolade. You may remember him (and let's just hope you do!!) as the man behind badass bangery such as "Away", "Drop It Low" and "Snarl".

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A lot of Frankee's tracks are rumblers; they shift through levels of intensity and span a well-balanced mix between the heavy and the chill. As for this one in particular - it all starts off a bit twinkly... imagine the sun is setting on the beach, the sky is turning a paradise pink over the backdrop of sparkling Miami ocean ...and then...


Cue night time – cue quick fire snare – oh, and then it's all on, wub-wubs for the wild times kids! The connection between the fellah and the compilation is very well matched.

Frankee jammed out "Excalibur" straight off the back of "Black Heart" but was keen to keep this track unique in it's own right.

"A few breaks and bass licks later, I pretty much had the basis of the tune down.I was never out to make something technically super amazing. Just something with a nice rolling vibe that keeps you interested for the duration, I hope I did the trick..."

Got to love an audio journey and this one well and truly scales the sand dunes. "Excalibur" bounds headfirst into the compilation and exports British bass direct to Miami. Oh yes, does the trick alright!

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