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Rain Man Drops His First Single Without Krewella

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Is Rain Man's New Track A Dig At Krewella?

The Rain Man and Krewella split wasn't pretty, but it did lead to this "little" moombahton monster (with some interesting lyrics).

"Visionary" is gonna be huge. It sounds a bit like the old Krewella with its vocals from Sirah, but it's a lot heavier. The song is steeped in dingy dancehall moombahton with an horror-show slow down midway through. And Sirah's vocals could be interpreted as a reference to the Krew.

"I ain't got time to waste with facades" Sirah sings (a facade is defined as a superficial appearance) before she changes to a more aggressive tone with the heavy drop, "Get on my level." She adds, "I'm a fucking visionary, but they brush me off". (Full lyrics below track)

"The lyrics for visionary are super dark. Basically I'm talking about the decision every artist needs to make, where you either stay true to what you believe in or you bend your art to fit in a lane. I make my own lane" - Sirah

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The track was released on Buygore and has Borgore to proclaim it's "one of the freshest songs I’ve heard in a while". The song launches Rain Man on a solo tour starting in Miami.

We got a taste of what Krewella sounded like without Rain Man last year, and now we know what Rain Man sounds like without Krewella. Expect both parties to be relentless in upcoming releases.

Official lyrics in full
Ima fucking visionary Na Na
But they brush me off
If I was dead would they love me then or
Would I be forgot
Your idols are idling Trifling na
I don't believe in the mi-mirage
I ain't got time to waste with facades
Fake rocks fake Guap nah nah nah nah

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