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Rave Of Thrones with DJ Hodor Was A Wild Cosplay Dance Party

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Rave Of Thrones Throws Digital Dragonfire Dance Party

Let me start by saying, Hodor. On a simmering night in Downtown Kings Landing, err Los Angeles, the people of the realm gathered to dance under the glow of digital dragon fire to the beat of the unsung hero of their favorite show, Hodor.

Kristian Nairn’s character on the HBO tentpole “Game of Thrones” series is a living room legend, thanks to his simple-minded, gentle giant loyalty and one word vocabulary of his own name.

Rave Of Thrones Throws Digital Dragonfire Dance Party

For those of you that have experienced his Rave of Thrones electronic act, he has become so much more. I expected a progressive house set with some fans in the crowd dressed in character but what I got was a full blown Westeros wild production. It truly was a rave in King’s Landing with knights in full armor battling on stage, character favorites making epic and seductive appearances and a giant digital iron throne that for one night, Hodor reigned supreme on.

Rave Of Thrones Throws Digital Dragonfire Dance Party

John Snow, who usually knows nothing, made the first introductions. Dressed in the black, he gave the oath of the Knight’s Watch to the crowd as fake snow fell from the ceiling and digital flurries came down on the giant digital screens. The whole spectacle was spine tingling and definitely gave the sense that something was coming...winter? Or big ol dirty basslines? We would have to wait to find out because first, like any good Game of Thrones event, there first must be blood shed.

Knights on stage took turns to the tune of fitting trap music, whacking the heck out of each other wearing full armor and wielding full on swords and bludgeoners. One knight even took the liberty of humping his downed opponent in true fashion of the show.

Things got real when a man pulled out a sort of violin/cello standup hybrid and began playing the theme song to the show, and then a giant Iron Throne appeared on the screen background.

The King of our night was Hodor and he took his place on the throne before fire engulfed it and he dropped his first beat in a wild progressive house set that had the crowd of revelers and ravers dancing and chanting his name throughout the night.

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Rave Of Thrones Throws Digital Dragonfire Dance Party

Hodor wasn’t the only one bringing the spectacle as fans flocked to see their show immortalized on the dance floor and came dressed to impress. I saw a pack of The Unsullied soldiers dancing their bits off, The Hound raising his giant bloodied sword in the air like he just don’t care and Khaleesi and her lovely dragon Drogo getting down up at the front of the crowd. It was the best kind of people you could possibly spend a Thursday evening with and Kristian seemed like he was having a blast.

The wild thing about the evolution of Kristian Nairn is that he started out as a DJ and according to reports, was discovered for the role of Hodor through his music. He’s been at this for over 20 years under different names and it shows in the perfectly balanced energy he brings into and pulls out of his shows.

At 6’10, Nairn is a force on the decks and I loved watching him get into it and interact with the crowd. He’s in love with us as much as we love him and it created a show experience that’s as rare as Valyrian steel. Cosplay dance music should be a regular thing, and if Hodor is rolling through town you better be there.


Rave Of Thrones Throws Digital Dragonfire Dance Party

Check out a preview of the night below and grab tickets for his North American tour!

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