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Seth Troxler Disses Ketamine, Aoki and EDM

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Seth Troxler Disses Ketamine, Aoki and EDM


EDM: You've been served.

EDM is about a lot of things these days and Seth Troxler really isn't having any of it. Especially not K. And especially not cake. In an interview with Thump, the techno icon talks everything impure with the scene.

You see, when it comes to music and drugs, Troxler knows a thing or two. He was knighted by Carl Craig into the underground after being voted #1 on Resident Advisor and he just recently "did frog" which gave him "this crazy out-of-body tantric orgasm".

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So when he says "ketamine is the heroine of our time" and tells Steve Aoki to "shut the fuck up"... it gets our attention.

Troxler talks about how the image of partying and drugs shouldn't be considered in "the same world" with the underground. And when world's collided and Aoki apparently sent him some kind of "manifesto", Troxler just laughed. And then asked if Aoki was joking. (He wasn't, according to Troxler).

Electronic music certainly seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis which is well-illustrated in the interview. Of course nothing is completely black and white. While he might very well be right on ketamine, he's still "doing frog" which seems fairly dangerous, though we really wouldn't know. And the more we rail on each other, the further from the all-loving foundation we get.

Full interview on Thump

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