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Spotlight Post: From Gaming To Electronic Music, How Robert DeLong Went From PC Gamer To Electronic Music Artist

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Spotlight Post: From Gaming To Electronic Music, How Robert DeLong Went From PC Gamer To Electronic Music Artist

While glory can often be fleeting in the music world, electronic musician Robert DeLong has established himself over the course of two successful years. With a penchant for creating innovative house and electronic beats, he has hit the news recently after releasing his new single ‘Long Way Down’ in November of last year. The song performed well and entered the Billboard Alternative Top Ten, helping the musician to continue the success that he enjoyed on the back of his first two album releases in 2012 and 2013. He is likely to continue this success into the next few years and beyond, thanks primarily to his focus on innovation and creative song creation.

When the Worlds of Gaming and Music Collide

The man behind the musician is also an interesting character, with his love of technology and gaming a key feature of his persona. He has talked about this at length recently, and even revealed how he often uses video game controllers to make his music. This love of gaming first emerged when DeLong was a child, as he secreted himself in a hidden corner of his local ice rink and enjoyed a few quarters of his favourite video games. Over time, video games became a consistent backdrop for his life, although his  parents were reluctant to allow him access to consoles such as Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

Instead, he fulfilled his burgeoning passion through PC gaming. This is also where DeLong honed and refined his creative streak as a youngster, as he learned rudimentary programming skills and developed an understanding of command-line interface. As a result, he was able to install and play his own games, while also programming unique text adventures into Q-Basic language. Over time, he was even capable of creating three-dimensional animations in TrueSpace. While this type of gaming and programming is far removed from the technology behind online platforms such as Facebook and that of virtual casinos like Casino Tropez, it remains a solid foundation from which aspiring developers can learn.

Spotlight Post: From Gaming To Electronic Music, How Robert DeLong Went From PC Gamer To Electronic Music Artist
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From Creative Gaming to Writing Music

This evolution triggered an interest in music recording software, and this gathered momentum as DeLong learned his trade as a young drummer. From here, it is a short and logical step to creating electronic music, and DeLong has been relentless in pursuing his passion, obtaining a college degree in audio engineering and ultimately achieving success as a recording artist. The evolution has been seamless and comprehensive, as DeLong has taken the long journey from gaming enthusiast to skilled developer and musician.

In terms of integrating gaming and music, DeLong has also proven to be something of a uniquely talented and seminal artist. By hacking video game controllers such as the Wii remote, for example, he has been able to drive live performances and wow audiences around the world.

This has not only added a unique dimension to his live set, but it has also underlined how technology has shifted the boundaries separating various types of media. More specifically, it has helped to break down the boundaries of popular culture and transition gaming into the consumer mainstream.

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