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Techno Icons Discuss 3 Production Questions

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Techno Icons Discuss 3 Key Things

Step away from the FIRE. Not sure about you, but we're pretty sick of hearing about "hot fire burners" that "ignite" dance floors. Familiar terms like those are a great way to describe familiar music, but when you want to do something new, take it from the Igloo.

Tiga, Dubfire, Luciano, M.A.N.D.Y., M A N I K and Cassy dropped some great production advice during their time at Montreal's Igloofest this past winter. A festival far from the warmth of the familiar festival belt.

They throw out production tips, talk "perfect" tracks, and discuss the importance of mastering your work. The mastering portion Cassy says can "make or break" your track.

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Music mastering site LANDR published the video so the talk about mastering is no surprise. That said, the video is a great, quick rundown of things to think about as a producer.

If you're not familiar with LANDR, they basically allow you to submit your track online and have it turned around lickety-split - all mastered and stuff. A "drag and drop instant mastering service". A key tool that allows you focus more on creation. And by creation we mean creation. "Finding your own voice" as Dubfire says.

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