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The #1 Club In The World Started In A Tent


#1 Club In The World Started In A Tent

You know that tent you partied in, the one packed in between all the rest at that one music festival that one time, at like 4am? That tent did not make DJ Mags Top Clubs list. However, the #1 spot did kind of start out as one.

The Green Valley club in Brazil regained it's spot as the #1 club after getting beat out Space Ibiza last year. According to DJ Mag, the club started in 2007 as a rave under a "make-shift tent" with Carl Cox on decks. The Green Valley website says a "structure, track and cabin were rented" in 2006. Oh how things have changed.

The club now features "An enormous lake, multiple bars, a pizzeria and even a boutique selling merchandise, where girls can get their hair styled". Not sure exactly where the lake is, but the club looks pretty spectacular. More photos here.

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The #1 Club In The World Started In A Tent

While Ibiza landed 4 clubs in the top 10 (Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia), another Brazil club, Sirena grabbed the last spot.

As for the US? Sadly, a country becoming known for it's EDM scene only got one club in the top 10 - Hakkasan in Las Vegas at #3. Yep. Nothing in Los Angeles, the destination drawing more and more artists. Then again, the closest the UK got was #11 with Ministry of Sound. So... there's that little piece of consolation for us Yanks.

It's also worth mentioning that this ranking is from public votes. View the full results at DJ Mag.

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