The Chainsmokers Deliver Festival Anthem


The Chainsmokers Deliver Festival Anthem

The Chainsmokers are about to make another big impact. Their new single "Let You Go" is sure to be a tune heard across every festival landscape this year.

Instead of riding the pop culture phenomena that was "#Selfie", The Chainsmokers capture that euphoric festival sentiment and for good reason. "Let You Go" is apparently the first real song the duo made together, which had gone unfinished until now.

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"...While the interesting fact is that it's really our first original song we ever made, it still feels very current and relevant to us," they told Billboard.

With peaking vocals from Great Good Fine Ok, and pianos faded from too much sun, "Let You Go" is pure fuzzy bliss. No matter how cheesy or unremarkable the euphoric feeling may be at this point, it's all very real and will make you feel awfully good.

Listen to "Let You Go" via Billboard before it's released Tuesday.

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