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The deadmau5 Meowclaren Arrives

The deadmau5 Meowclaren Arrives


Image of a McLaren P1 GTR from McLaren's Facebook page

"The meowclaren should be arriving" deadmau5 recently tweeted "so the legend says".

And it's becoming more and more like an actual legend at this point. The car has be delayed a couple times now, but finally it was delivered, with one small caveat.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.05.04 AM

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Dammit! We know you're upset that you don't actually get to see the real thing yet, but we can at least tell you when he expects to have it.

The deadmau5 Meowclaren Arrives

That puts it at March 30th. Awfully close to April Fools Day...

Hopefully this isn't another "trick" as deadmau5 put it previously. If not, we'll hopefully have some photos Monday. If it is, it will only help strengthen the legend of the Meowclaren. Until then, check out the recently posted Nyanborghini Purracan name plate deadmau5 recently showed off.

Otherwise, here's a video deadmau5 posted the other month of the cat playing games in the snow:

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