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The M Machine Joining Up With Madeon

The M Machine Joining Up With Madeon



Just when we thought Madeon couldn't get hyped any further, he goes and does something like this.

Madeon has teamed up with The M Machine for his upcoming Adventure tour which will follow the release of his new album by the same name March 31st.

The M Machine will be the main support for the 17-city experience stretching across the US and into Canada beginning this April.

While it's universally accepted that Madeon's new album will at least be a candidate for album of the year, The M Machine have also been generating some buzz. Now a duo, The M Machine just completed their own tour. You can get a sense for it in the video below.

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If you're in Miami this week, you can sign up for the Madeon Treasure Hunt where he's hidden a VIP prize pack. Otherwise pick up tickets for the tour here.

Photo by Donslens

The M Machine Joining Up With Madeon

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