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What Happens When deadmau5 Goes Acoustic


This Is What Acoustic deadmau5 Sounds Like

What would deadmau5 sound like without the Chords and without the synths? And what would he look like? You're about to find out.

mau5trap just released an acoustic version of "Seeya" taken from his Grammy-Nominated double album while(1<2). The track consists of mere pianos and guitar and, of course, Colleen D'agostino's weightless vocals.

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The original track caused a controversy a few years ago after the band Neon Hitch had previously used the track without his permission. deadmau5 then added Colleen D'Agostino's vocals which he recently claimed in was "the greatest save of all time" in a new list. The twist here is that this D'Agostino version is without the instrumental electronics Neon Hitch "borrowed".

Colleen D'Agostino just signed with mau5trap and will be releasing a six-track EP titled Collide on the label March 15th. The same day deadmau5 will perform with her at this year's Canadian JUNO Awards.

We wouldn't imagine that D'Agostino is going to drop an acoustic EP on the electrically charged label, but she certainly has the voice to do so.

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