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This is What Miami Sounds Like!



Photo: Tadson Bussey

Miami is like few cities in the US due to the fact that it is an international hub in every aspect of the term. This city's multi-cultural influences are evident in all facets of life, and especially the club scene.

Miami has been at the forefront of the American clubbing scene for decades. With the founding of the Winter Music Conference - an event that paved the way for the globally dominating music festival known as Ultra - this city became the premier location for like minded industry heads to share their knowledge and experience each other's music. Each year has been bigger than the last.

The city is a melting pot of people from all over the world, so it only makes sense that the musical influences are equally diverse.

For that reason, I decided to compile tracks that you will hear people like Colombian export Kike Roldan drop at a small, forward-thinking club like Do Not Sit On The Furniture rather than look for a list of hometown heroes.

These songs capture that true Miami sound.


Sabb feat. Rafa Barrios
Noir Music

Sabb's incredible work of ethnic European Tech House was an instant classic the second it dropped via Noir. The aforementioned Kike Roldan dropped this at Do Not Sit On The Furniture and I was giddy to say the least when I heard the percussion intro fading in - I knew what was coming. No one else did though and the club literally jumped 3 feet off the ground when it dropped.


"Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix)"
Green Velvet

How could I not include Hot Since 82 on this list? The dude basically brought the pool-party vibes back into the mainstream, and that's practically what this city was built on..


"Cool Kids"
Lauren Lane

LA's Lauren Lane is one cool chick, she would tear up any party out here. 'Cool Kids' features a promiscuous build up laid over the warm, crisp, carefree bass-line and the little cowbell just brings it to the next level! (No Christopher Walken joke this time)


"Hustler (Kry Wolf Remix)"
Josef Salvat

Kry Wolf is a straight up House gangster; We all know this. But maybe you didn't know that Miami isn't all pumping Tech-House bass-lines, we have soul too! This is the type of journey House DJ's take you on when they want to break out something a little more melodic. The writing on this track is flawless, it just builds on itself and then slowly fades away, seriously, hats off to Kry Wolf.


"Fifty Fifty"
Jay Lumen
100% Pure

Now, I know I JUST said Miami can be mellow - we can! Just not for long... Miami was a Hip-Hop city back in the day, so the classic Hip-Hop vibes on this matched up the tough Tech House bass-line make this tune is a guaranteed party starter in Dade County.

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"Around the Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment)"
Compact Grey
Noir Music

This is yet another Noir Music release to make the list, this time in the form of a mashup by the main man himself. The shaker punctuates the massive groove crafted by the bass-line and soulful vocals, hooking the dancefloor in time for the epic breakdown that will get everyone on their toes.


"Joint is Jumping"

This has to be one of my favorite Tech House tracks of all time; whenever it drops the crowd always has a massive reaction -- But in Miami, it's something completely different. The entire club catches the tribal rhythm of the congas and is entranced into an Afro-Caribbean line dance.


"Jump Off (Hollen Remix)"

Speaking of tribal rhythms, I can't skip this South Beach club staple. Hollen's remix of 'Jump Off' gets the party jumping off every single time.


"Out of Sight (Riva Starr Raw Dub)"
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & Youth

Riva Starr's Raw Dub mix of "Out Of Sight" is a clinic on composition. He develops the track throughout it's entire run-time over the steady, heavy, Techno kicks; Once he throws in the glitched vocal sample and ringing hi-hat, it's a wrap! The dancefloor is destroyed.


"Robots (Weiss Remix)"
Green Velvet & Riva Starr
Relief Records

I can't think of a better tune to round out this list than Weiss's Remix of "Robots". It is a classic House influenced, carefree Tech House track, and there is nothing you can do but smile and strut.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list! I wonder how many tunes I mentioned you will end up hearing on South Beach. If you want to listen to the whole chart, here is the SoundCloud playlist!


Cover photo: Tadson Bussey

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