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Tiesto & Martin Garrix Crash Boat In Miami

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Tiesto & Martin Garrix Release Track Preview

Tiesto & Martin Garrix have apparently crashed a boat into a dock in Miami. But not just any dock. David Guetta's dock. "I love you come say 'hi'" Guetta says in a video uploaded by Tiesto.

Tiesto had posted the above image of himself and Garrix in the studio seemingly just before the incident occurred. Almost a story in itself. If it weren't for the "forgetting to brake" part, as Garrix puts it, on the boat ride after.

No one appears to have been hurt, though Guetta's dock is all out of sorts. And actually, Garrix seems to be having a pretty good time - posting a video of what sounds like him giggling at Guetta rubs his forehead.

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Tiesto Crashes Boat In Miami

All parties seem to be in good spirits. Perhaps one one word can be used to describe an incident like this...

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