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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 3.21.15 Chart


It can be a tough task sometimes, getting through another dry week, waking up at the crack of dawn and hauling ass out into the world. I wish that writing for Magnetic was my full time job. If I could transpose the air headed joy that I feel while listening to tunes and penning out the garble below, into my ordinary work day...I tell ya, I would bounce through each day.

It is a rare thing indeed, to find overt unbridled joy in something. To look forward to something, like I spent yesterday doing in preparation for Shogun Audio that night - whiling away the time replying to empty emails with my brain radio jamming SpectraSoul on a continuous loop.

I have friends that have dipped into their precious annual leave, travelled thousands of miles or gone into overdraft in order to attend a drum and bass event. Commitment to something voluntary like this is the true indication of time well spent.

To all of you who go to stupid lengths for the music you love - I salute you.

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“Love Again (Rene LaVice’s UGLY Remix)”
Rae Morris
Circus Records

Nothing ugly about this beaut…I’d even go so far as to call it a bloody beautiful little hurter actually.

“City Lights”
Culture Shock feat. Bryn Christopher
RAM Records / Virgin EMI

Culture Shock is going to go down as a ledge – mark my words. The collaborative release between RAM and Virgin is one indicator, but more importantly – the quality of his tunes! Troglodyte and now City Lights…

“Hold You Tight”
RAM Records

This belongs in the Beatport charts with the big hitters of the RAMiami compilation. Been waiting for this one to become public domain for a good while – pleased to be able to throw it down now. Lap that up!

“’Wild Frontier”
The Prodigy (Wilkinson Remix)
RAM Records

Tag team if I ever saw one…not a soul does drum and bass like The Prodigy and no one does a feral mix up like Wilkinson. Done and done.

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“Cobalt 60”
RAM Records

This dark broody tune, paired with a cheeky little string of bass absolutely kills it – the voiceover, the bouncing percussion. If Disney’s Aristocats decided to go dnb on it - this would be the result. Weird praise but good praise!

Dr Meaker feat. Cappo D & Sharlene Hector
Circus Records

Fun. A ramper upper. A good time girl. Lighthearted jollies. You get the jist.

“From Early”
Chimpo and Fracture

Some hard ass, deep bass in this track from Chimpo and Fracture. The official word being that this duo ‘burns the rule book and scatters its ashes all over Manchester’. Burn mother rule book, burn.

Friction vs. Technimatic
Shogun Audio

Saw both these guys last night separately during the Shogun Audio event at Electric Brixton and still recovering from the fallout so in commemoration of my pain, I give you Crucifix.

Rizla (Flame Dark Soul Remix)
Lush Stuff

Nice reimagine of an oldie. Partakers of the rave scene will know the particularly erotic properties of cold fresh air…this slow rolling track appears to as well.

Blendits Audio

Nothing says Friday feelings like a smooth dose of dnb…this is one for the commute to the last day of work. Just enough energy to set you up and get you through – audio bumpage.

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