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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 3.29.15 Chart

Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 3.29.15 Chart

Short week this one coming kids - courtesy of our good pal the Easter bunny! That's 2 extra days to overindulge in the good things in life; namely chocolate by the shit ton and drum and bass. Excellent line ups in London covering Thursday and Friday off so make sure you are well and truly making the most of that additional recovery time.

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

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“Feel The Fury”
RAM Records

Don’t know what Hamilton’s got to be furious about – he’s produced a hard hitting belter here.

“Coming Back To You”
Hospital Records

Slow burner - really, really gets under the skin.

“Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)”
Ivy Lab
Critical Music

This is the sound of the ‘Mef:Lab’ shouts UKF – don’t know whether to be more impressed by the tune or the wordplay here. I think it’s safe to say, nothing so good has ever emerged from a Mef:Lab. Nice one lads.

“Blame You ft. Zoe Klinck (Ivy Lab Remix)”
Critical Music

This and Sunday Crunk going back to back for the crown of best track on this limited edition Critical release. It be causing a ruckus amongst the dnb community...

L 33

L 33? Never heard of them. More fool me. Soundcloud says, ‘ L 33 punctuates the atmosphere with sharp, grinding stabs before dispensing a pleasingly disjointed groove of weighty bass notes and carefully placed medleys.’ I say, good neurofunk. Get on board.

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“Reach Out”
June Miller ft. MVE
RAM Records

Something a little more chilled from the June Miller boys here, perhaps in a nod to the chilled vibes of Miami Music Week. Screw reasoning or tempo though - it's a tasty bit of tune.

“Higher (Sigma VIP Remix)”
Sigma and Labrinth
3beat Records

Love me some mainstream dnb – it’s okay, a chronic hard on for the filthy shit balances it all out...or that’s what I’m going to tell myself! You can too! Put your earphones in and pretend it's The Prodigy.

Teddy Killerz
RAM Records

Riddim...arpeggio's...ominous need to sell it in RAM! Teddy Killerz are chucking out good, good beats.

“Put 'Em Up”
L - Side
Chronic Records

Very nearly missed this gem amongst the pile...well worthy of a mention. This shit's got layers.

Spearhead Records

The boss man of Spearhead Records himself releases a beautiful piece of music here. This is my last pick of the week and coincidentally my favourite - worth the wait! I do believe Spearhead are doing a night next Thursday so, London crew, get yourselves down to Plan B in Brixwheeeezy!

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