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Top 10 Drum & Bass – 3.9.15 Chart

Top 10 Drum & Bass – 3.9.15 Chart

In less than 2 weeks, my olds are bustling into the big smoke from the mother land - little old New Zealand. How does this in any way relate to tunes? Well, they will be here during the Easter period, which is a time of year that weirdly seems to be absolutely dripping with huge dnb lineups. Yes, drum and bass and momma and poppa bear –  dream combo if I ever did see one.

Herein lies my dilemma, how do I juggle these two things which I love? Whilst at home for Christmas, I emerged from my childhood bedroom morning – curious to discover the reason for tinny bass booming outside my door at the ungodly hour of 8 a.m. Andddddd there was Dad - laptop speakers struggling – executing what can only be described as a rather impressive skank (of sorts) to something vaguely jungle he had found on the internet. Full on performance mode. He really was rather pleased with himself and although I didn’t show it at the time, so was I. Is it a poor idea to take Dad to Electric Brixton and have him put his back out in the pursuit of father/daughter bonding? I guess we’ll see! In the meantime, Dad, if you're reading this - get yo' practice on with the below...and that applies to the rest of you as well....

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"Hopelessly Coping"
Wilkinson ft. Thabo
RAM Records

Woke up to find new Wilkinson (on Youtube, not in my bed - bad gutter thinkers!)....yesssssssss. Best news of the day! Get in it, get on it! Wilkinson playing at Electric Brixton over Easter and word has it, not too many ticks know what to do.

"Would Have Loved You"
Soul Intent feat. Janette Thompson

Sock it to your sub with the wobbles on this one....wait patiently for them and then, oh yes, enjoy the shit outta them!!!

"Digital Diet"
Neosignal Recordings

Some full on bangers exploding from Phace lately - get your free download of this track on Soundcloud…

"Whoonga" (Chroma Remix)
Total Science and S.P.Y
Computer Integrated

"Whoonga (also known as nyaope or wunga) is a street drug that has allegedly come into widespread use in South Africa since 2010."Obvs. Alternatively, the title of a sweet track, remixed by Chroma, found here:

"Satisfy" (LoKo Bootleg)

I like NERO (despite their disappointing no show at Parklife last year - AHEM.) and I like LoKo and I like a cheeky bootleg. That last one because it feels like we're doing something naughty. Seems like this one might have just crawled out of the vault too, so without further ado...

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"Two By Two"
Ivy Lab
Critical Music

First, this track gave me the creeps. Then it made me bass face real good. Way good, so good, so dirty damn weird good.

Rene Lavice ft. Ivy Mairi
RAM Records

More creepy brain warping vocals leading into a dank, dark growler of a tune. In the best way possible of course...keep those lights on though!

Barely Alive feat. Splitbreed
Disciple Recordings

Fancy something a bit different? Tear off a hearty chunk of this – I can’t even say the name of it, and technically this is drumstep… but who the eff cares. It’s a dirty tune, and we love a dirty tune.

"Body Like Wow"
Document One
Technique Recordings

Damn the 15 Years of Technique album is impeccable. I think I have featured a tune or two off it every week for the last few months. The quality of the tunes! Loving this Document One track.

"Give Me The Knife"
Billie (Keeno Dub Mix)

First port of call, this is not "Do ya, do ya, do ya have a girlfriend" Billie. I know you're all disappointed but fear not, Keeno's latest mix offering is just lovellllly.

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