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Top 10 Drum N Bass Tracks – 3.15.15 Chart


Having had the pleasure of clubbing in one of South London’s most notorious dens of shame last Saturday (Inferno’s in Clapham, 80’s and 90’s dancefloor hits – do not ask), the experience is one I truly am happy to leave behind for evermore.

The music was awful, no one was dancing for the enjoyment, and any sweat present was dripping from the oversexed creepers lurking with their meaty pals as they eyeballed the potential.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a cheeseball night out– but please, please, never make me go "normal" clubbing again. Give me a rave or a festival any day. Hell, give me my iPod and a janitor's closet even! Sure I may never find a boyfriend or acquire a C-grade STD that way but the bass is good, the people are mostly friendly and the crowd is actually there to have a good time - to be part of something they have love for.

Thank you to everyone who does that on the weekend instead- I salute you! Rant over. Get at the chooooons!!

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

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Teddy Killerz
RAM Records

Lock up your soft toys, the Teddy Killerz rampage into town with a queerly but, I admit, relevantly titled tune. This one is a grizzly beast – enjoy!

"Count To Ten (VIP)" 
Drs ft. Enei

Knocking number with all the lyrical goods that I have come to expect from a Drs track...

"15 Seconds (Macky Gee Remix)"
Mark Breeze, Heidi Anne
Futureworld Records

Takes a while for the dnb to take the wheel but don't be deterred! Dance music vocal, some effed up SFX and then a raggggging beat laid all over the top - nice and thick like!

DC Breaks
RAM Records

Already well and truly established but sans a brilliant debut. Well, the wait for that is nearly over - album due for release towards the end of this year!

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Blackout Music NL

Oh the hard stuff – how I love it.

"Move It"
Hospital Records

Like we needed any further encouragement to get at this Reso track but with encouragement like 'Boom!', 'C’mon!', and a Lil Jon-esque 'Whaaat!' intertwined throughout, you are helpless but to obey the bass! Heavyweight bizniss indeed Hospital!

Mind Vortex
RAM Records

Oh hi RAMiami, you’re a pretty little compilation aren’t ya! The Mind Vortex boys lending a hand to the Miami Music Week good times here.

"Get Dirty"
The Bassnifics

Holy shit, hold on to the headboard, crack a Red Bull and grit your teeth for this one – relentless !

"Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High)"
Dr Kucho! & Gregor Salto ft. Ane Brun (Cyantific Remix)
Ministry of Sound

Cyantific gives this track what for and transforms it into a roller. The intro in particular is grabbing the public by the of their attention span.

"You Should Know Where I’m Coming From"
BANKS (Cartoon Bootleg)
Liquicity Records

Beaut bit of bootleg action from new dnb trio, Cartoon. Like it all the more for being a little bit naughty! Watch them...

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