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Top 10 Electro/ Progressive Tracks - 3.16.15 Chart

Top 10 Electro/ Progressive Tracks - 3.16.15 Chart

Another week means another beat, so here are some of the hottest new electro, big room and progressive tracks in electronic music. I really hope you guys enjoy them.

1. "Heartbroken" -T2 feat. Jodie (Night Crime Remix)

These are two producers who I see accomplishing big things in this industry. I featured one of their tracks last week, and now they are back again this week with new music. If you don't know this powerful duo, then listen to this track and you will see why I am so passionate about their music.

2. "Darkside" -Firebeatz

Firebeatz is back at it again, and this time with one massive song. I liked how the drop was minimized in a sense, and not what we expected yet kept that euphoric blast that we all love. I would definitely say that this is a Deniz Koyu-kind of sound.

3. "Hipsta" -Timmy Trumpet & Chardy

Timmy Trumpet, the man behind "Freak's" is out with some new music. This track right here is gold for many reasons. This drop is really cool cause I love how it has some breaks in it, while managing to keep the track intense.

4. "Home" -Project 46 feat. Feenixpawl

This is one of those songs where you just feel the music touch your bones. This song just radiates pure love. Really admiring the vocals on this track, and how it all came together perfectly. I would love to hear this as this sun rises at my next festival.

5. "Downbeat" -Louis Vivet

Everyone could use a little funk in their life, and just to make it even better, add some electro bass lines. This is a new up-and-coming duo based out of LA emerging rapidly. Make sure to keep a eye out for this name.

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6. "Amethyst" -ElezD

I really enjoy when artists can intertwine roots of other genres in their music, and that's exactly what this song is. You get a perfect mixture of electro and trance. Pretty interesting, so give it a listen.

7. "Human" -Vince Moogin & David Hopperman

If you don't know of Vince Moogin and love electro sounds, then you have to look into him. I first heard of him because he got a lot of support from Nicky Romero. I've listened to almost every song he made since I first heard his name. If you are a Potocol Recording's fan then this song is for you.

8. "Another Land" -Will Sparks (Preston Morril Remix)

I have listened to Melbourne Bounce ever since the genre started to evolve. One of the pioneers as we all know is Will Sparks, and he recently announced his remix contest for "Another Land". I enjoyed how intricate this remix was made, and I wish it luck in the competition.

9. "Royal Flush" -Hirshee

Now this is some old school electro,  so I fell in love at first beat. Never heard this before but I really liked the format of this track, as well as the sounds picked to be used. I could see Hardwell dropping this type of track mainstage at Ultra.

10. "Lost & Found" -Sick Individuals (More Plastic Remix)

One of the most creative remixes I've heard in a minute. Very Botnek-sounding, and you know those are some odd noises that are used. This one's a trip.

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