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Top 10 Future Bass Songs — 3.3.15 Chart

This week I had so much good music to choose from it made creating this week’s top 10 future bass songs an extremely difficult process. Fortunately, I’ve picked only the best of the best for you to enjoy.

Top Future Bass Songs — 3.3.15

1. "Take Me There" - Nocturnal Sunshine
This bass heavy project is a surprising release from Maya Jane Coles. Should this be called deep dubstep? Whatever it’s called, I can’t wait to hear the album.

2. "Gaze" - IMLAY
Very unique sounds from IMLAY. He favors a more subdued sound than the usual super fat future bass style synths. It’s a welcome change.

3. "Infatuation" - Electric Mantis
Although Mantis has been quiet for a while, if his latest tune is any indication of what he’s cooking up, future bass fans everywhere are in for a treat.

4. "Moteur Action (Sophie & A.G. Cook Remix)" - Yelle
Everyone’s favorite androgynous producer is back with a club banger he made with PC Music boss man A.G. Cook.

5. "Way Up" - Real Slow
Very minimal future bass re-work of a Destiny’s Child classic. I thought I was tired of hearing remixes of this one, but Real Slow has changed my mind.

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6. "With U" - Promnite
Fresh and vibrant future bass tune from one of Team Supreme’s most versatile producers, Promnite.

7. "Rubber" - Swick & Lucid
Banger alert: this track is heavier than metal. But seriously, this goes hard. Also, the track name is appropriate, the tune sounds like rubber in aural form.

8. "All That Matters (Luca Lush Remix)" - Justin Bieber
Last week I posted an Ariana Grande remix, this week we have a Bieber remix from the insanely talented Luca Lush. Whether it’s future bass/house/etc. this guy always kills it.

9. "Howls" - KRNE
KRNE is one of the most prolific future music producers, it seeems like he puts out a new track every other day. His latest is a future beat banger with some middle eastern flair.

10. "Turn It Around" - Conrank
Very unusual track from Conrank. It's reminiscent of Shlohmo, but with a much bigger emphasis on his heavy bassline.

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