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Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 3.23.15 Chart

Taylor Barnes here back with another brand new top 10 future bass tracks. This week’s chart is filled with nothing but good music as always, and I went a little more experimental with some of my choices. Included we have music from some future bass mainstays as well as a few artists you’ve probably never heard of.

Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 3.23.15 Chart

1. “Hands Tied” - Cavalier x KRNE
Cavalier and KRNE team up to put a dark, brooding, trap twist on M.I.A.’s single “Bad Girls”.

2. “Lucy” - Joker, Kapsize
UK bass music master Joker’s latest release blends pop sensibilities with his signature bass lines and atmospheric strings.

3. “Slide” - Babel
Josh Pan affiliate Babel comes correct with a heavy tune that’s a little less Moving Castle and a little more SMOG records a la G Jones or Bleep Bloop.

4. “Crystal Palace” - Swick, Nice Age
Swick swaps out his usually unabashed brutal club sound for a more light melodic and bouncy vibe.

5. “Hollow” - Madnap, Shifty Rhythms
One of Shifty Rhythms’ newest signees, Madnap has crafted a release that goes beyond the normal constraints of dance music in a similar way to Porter Robinson’s WORLDS Album.

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6. “Change (Jameszoo Remix)" - Cid Rim, Affine Records
One of experimental music’s most promising producers adds his signature touch to Cid Rim’s “Change”.

7. “B Ball” - Gunkst, Terrorhythm
Gunkst’s latest release fuses grime and trap into an 808 heavy banger. Love that scream sample from OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”.

8. “Pay For What (Luca Lush Remix)" - Mr. Carmack
Luca Lush flipped one of my favorite Carmack tracks into a futuristic frenzy.

9. “Stratosphere” - Skit x Digital Mozart, Pear Drops
Skit and Digital Mozart pay homage to Joker’s classic “purple” sound.

10. “Song title” - Yung Gud
Strange ambient sounds from Sad Boys producer Yung Gud.

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