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Top 10 Hard Dance Tracks - 3.18.15 Chart

Top 10 Hard Dance Tracks - 3.18.15 Chart

Happy Hump Day!! This week's Top 10 Hard Dance tracks are the perfect way to get through the last half of your day -- full of high energy basslines and kickdrums!

As we get ready for the highly anticipated 2015 festival season, you'll notice that hard dance influences are steadily making their way into modern dance culture.From screeches to reverse bass and kicks in disguise, hard dance is here to stay! Here are our top 10 selections from March 9-15 releases.

Code Black & Atmozfears
[Together We Rise]

Code Black & Atmozfears combine their compelling sounds and hardstyle power into this collab to create something truly unforgettable. The force is strong on this one.

"Bullet In The Gun"
DJ Spesh
[Stomp-Inc UK]

I don't care who you are, everyone loves a little dose of hardcore every now and then. Spesh is the master of happy music, perfecting his style with every production -- no exception here. Just pure joy.

[We R]

Prepare yourself... once you turn this track on there's no going back. You're going to want to move and and dance about like a damn fool. So go get some!!

"Higher Spirit"
IYF & Stu Woods ft. Roxie
[Universal Hardcore Digital]

I'm a sucker for strong vocals, and Roxie stole my heart on this one. With IYF on the radar as one of the best happy hardcore producers out there and Stu Woods not too far behind, the marriage of bass and vocal stimulation in this song is the ultimate package.

"The Zone"
[Dirty Workz]

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Dirty Workz has a reputation for signing impeccable talent -- Noisecult is a perfect example of why we keep looking to their label for the hottest new releases, give your attention to this track, it's surely going to be added to your list of favorites.

"Till I Die"
The Prophet

I might just have a fan girl crush on The Prophet but make no mistake -- his talent is superior to many modern day hard dance productions. Check out his newest track here and I'm sure you'll agree. Excuse me while I drool over it.

"Is Anybody Out There?"
Ground Force

Let me just say... THAT MELODY THO. Seriously, if you're not captivated at the very beginning of this song you need to reevaluate life decisions. This track has everything -- melody, kicks, runs and screeches.

"Like A Loco"
Psyko Punkz
[Dirty Workz]

Does Pysko Punkz even make mediocre music? The answer is never -- I can't even with this one. Just listen. You'll understand. #PsykoSoliders

Scary Clowns

Let's go a bit darker in the hard dance world -- that's where things really start to get freaky. This track by Scary Clowns climbs into the deepest roots of your twisted imagination and rips it apart. It's fucking amazing. DOOO ITTT.

Titan & The Machine

Let's talk raw for a second... because it's accomplished in this song. The power of the bass drives straight into your dome and then provokes what's left of you with an outstanding melody. It tears you down and picks you up -- it's beautiful.

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