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Top 10 Hard Dance Tracks – 3.25.15 Chart


Welcome back to another week of new music! This week's Top 10 Hard Dance tracks are made up to two distinct styles. The first reflects the ultimate feel good vibes put off by euphoric, melodic tracks, the ones that hit you right in the feels. Then we shift into the darker, harder raw side of hard dance - the piece that often is overlooked by the "pretty" tunes.

Hardstyle and UK Hardcore fill our chart to the brim with tantalizing sounds from some of the best producers around the world.

Tired of the same old Top 40? Look no further. Check back weekly for new music! Cheers!

Dirty Workz

We start our chart this week with a brand new one from Dirty Workz favorite, Sylence. Proving his artist ability over the last year, Sylence has captivated his audience and created a dedicated following. With his newest contribution to the charts, "Ode" is likely one of the greatest, most memorable songs put out by the upcoming artist. In short - this is his big break.

"Times Like These"
Auscore feat. Hannah

Previewed to us nearly a year ago, we are finally able to get our hands on this phenomenal piece of art. "Times Like These" featuring the insatiable vocals of Hannah is probably one of the most exciting hardcore pieces to be released so far this year. It's not overwhelming with sounds and kicks, and the effects are not full of redundancies - it just hits that sweet spot in the middle where you can listen to it anytime of day without feeling like you're going into cardiac arrest. It's just... good. Real good.

"Stunned In Disbelief"
Cruel Intentions
Derailed Traxx Black

Okay, this song is one of my personal favorites right now regardless of where it stands on the charts. Mastered and mixed to perfection, Cruel Intentions has left us with a beautifully raw track - a dime a dozen these days. The screeches and kicks are so intense and marry so well with the vocal overlay you can't NOT get grimey with this one. Max volume on this!

"It's On"
We R

I guess the real question here is whether or not Outbreak creates something that isn't fucking amazing... to which I'll simply answer "no." No he does not. The newest addition to his plethora of spine tingling releases is "It's On," an in-your-face, fuck-your-beliefs, never-back-down type of jingle. Warning, you'll likely feel the need to stand up to the man after listening to this. Proceed with caution.

Derailed Traxx Grey

You're more than likely unfamiliar with the sounds from this relatively new duo, but by no means should you underestimate their work. With a keen ear for nostalgic hard dance elements, their recent release "Willow" is bursting with classic screeches, kickdrums and reverse bass that will knock you on your ass. Check out their style and get with it!

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Drone feat. MC I See

Say hello to this gem... "Higher," The brainchild of MC I See and Drone is exactly what I would want to be getting down to this festival season... Call it what you want to call it, I call it genius. It's hard, it's raw, it's unconventional - it is everything you need for your humpday pick me up!


Quite possibly the future of hard dance... Shellshock is redefining the hardstyle game. If I could put their entire EP on this chart, it would have been a no brainer!! "Wormhole" is innovation at its finest and I can't wait to hear what they have in store for us for the rest of 2015!

"This Isn't Over"
Synthwulf & Zoe VanWest
Justice Hardcore

My head explodes with this one, so many boing, boing sounds and amazing vocals. Happy Hardcore is thriving and here to stay! While I would say that this is an "anywhere, anytime" song I strongly advise against listening to it while driving... unless a speeding ticket or ending up in Vegas is in your near future.

"My God"
E-Force & Digital Punk

E-Force and Digital Punk have quite possibly ripped away any expectations we had for collaborations this year with "My God," a deep, dark piece of music with some subtle euphoric layers within. One of the hardest tracks present on this chart, "My God" is infused with some monstrous kicks resulting in uncontrollable goosebumps.

"Little Bird"
Joey Riot VS Ziyad & IT Man
Scarred Digital

Viva la Hardcore! This song takes me back to a time when hard beats and grooved out vocals were the norm, dancing till daybreak in a broken down venue. Simply put, it's nostalgic and addictive. Not only does "Little Bird" take you to another place in time, it reminds us that genre barriers need not exist. Groove On!

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