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Top 10 House Tracks - 3.8.15 Chart

Top 10 House Tracks - 3.8.15 Chart

This newest edition of the Top 10 House chart isn't all brand new tunes from this week as there are a few from last month in here as well that were grossly overlooked on the top 10 such as my top tune of the week from Sasha & Joel Mull, andhim, and even the latest juggernaut from Robert Capuano!

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1. “Pale Reich” Joel Mull & Sasha, Last Night On Earth

I'm a little late to the party on this one but I'd like to think that I'm fashionably late in the case of this outstanding tune entitled "Pale Reich". Taken from the Parabel EP, "Pale Reich" is a well-worked out exercise in how sophisticated electronic music can be and who better than to demonstrate this than the demigod known simply as Sasha & his counterpart Joel Mull. This is out now through most online retailers on Sasha's own imprint, Last Night On Earth.

2. “Still Lemonade” Skream, Crosstown Rebels

The former dubstep don steps into new dance music territory with the oddly titled "Still Lemonade" on the fabled Crosstown Rebels imprint.

3. “Around” Robert Capuano, Truesoul

Adam Beyer's Truesoul imprint tends to lean towards the groovier side of Techno & Tech-House and Robert Capuano's "Around" is as groovy as Tech-House gets thanks to an infectious rolling bass-line topped off with a heavy dose of shuffling hi-hats.

4. “Les Mur” Laurence Guy, Monologues

Sometimes house music is best experienced in it's truest form and Laurence Guy's "Les Mur" is a great example of what makes house music have that je nais se quoi. This is out on Monday through Ben Gomori's Monologues imprint.

5. “Beautiful Place” Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto, Noir Music

This brilliant French collaboration between underground stalwart, Kiko & rising tech-house star, Olivier Giacomotto was released over a month ago but it is still out there burning up the Beatport chart and getting heavy club play all around the world.

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6. “Call Me Up” PJU & Earl Grey, Exploited Ghetto

The second edition of Exploited's dancefloor friendly sublabel Exploited Ghetto features this throwback late 80's Chicago style jam that is sure to make plenty of noise in Miami this month!

7. “Nightfall (ThermalBear Remix)” M A N I K ft. Eli & Fur, Culprit

Christopher Manik aka M A N I K is one of Culprit's biggest contributors since it's inception back in 2009 and here he is with his latest production, "Nightfall" which features some gorgeous vocal styling from the up & coming duo from London, Eli & Fur. In spotlight here on my chart is the floor-friendly re-rub by Last Night On Earth producer, Thermalbear!

8. “The Spirit (Adriatique Remix)” Butch feat. Hohberg, Watergate Records

Butch's newest single gets a prolific rework from the always dynamic production duo known as Adriatique!

9. “Spayce” andhim, Get Physical

The German duo behind some of the underground's biggest smash hits over the last couple of years is back in 2015 with a solid two-tracker that features the title cut and the B-side "Domplatte" which is equally as strong.

10. “Cartoon (COEO Remix)” Munk Feat Mona Lazette, Gomma

Newcomers COEO provide a refreshing re-touch on a new remix package of "Cartoon" by Munk.


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