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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 3.19.15 Chart


It’s that time again! It's that time for Magnetic's top 10 Indie Dance & Nu-Disco chart! This week there are a few anthemic selections that are bold in their intention and extremely successful in their execution.

Innovative grooving is a thing we should all encourage. To get you dancing with music that defies convention and strives for a new way of doing things, that is creativity at its finest. So, enjoy these creators and create some new dance moves of your own this week!

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10. “I Luv U” demo taped, Adam Alexander
“Effervescent Electronic Soul enhanced by soft vocals to emulate the feeling of love.” - demo taped. I could not have put it better myself!

9. “Shiny EP” Flex Cop, Bunny Tiger
Anthemic warehouse tunes will always get my support, but this latest one from Bunny Tiger REALLY gets my support. It seems to just put its finger right on the artery of the underground sound.

8. “How I Knew” Justin Jay, Pets Recordings
A quick bedroom production from Justin Jay for Pets Recordings that apparently annoyed his college roommate. Hey Justin’s roommate, you being annoyed was worth it for this awesome departure from Justin Jay’s usual ghettotech stylings.

7.”Edit Service 54” Daniel T., I’m a Cliche
An interesting edit from Daniel T. for the label I’m a Cliche. Great 80’s vibes are at play here that light a fire under your imagination.

6. “The Thrill” Nero
The wait is over and Nero returns with another top notch production. It is definitely a Nero song, but with a great evolving sound that feels more rock than EDM.

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5. “Bleeding” Adana Twins ft. Human Life, Exploited
Returning to Exploited with a bold anthem, The Adana Twins mellow you out while maintaining a tremendous sense of the epic. No easy task, but a beautifully complex tune.

4. “Jackin’ With Your Mum” Hervé & Trevor Loveys, Skint Records
OH NO THEY DIDN’T! Hervé & Trevor Loveys put together a comedic number that will get that booty shaking and those dancefloor faces smiling.

3. “Sandstorm” Knight Horse, onelovemusic
For some reason, sandstorms inspire a lot of producers. Maybe it’s the drama and the heat. Knight Horse manifests his own sandstorm in the form of fun bit of deep indie disco, and towards the end it actually does sample Darude! Well played!

2. “Don’t Mean A Thing” Lapalux, Brainfeeder
Brainfeeder is a label that prides itself on defying all conventions and making only the best music its artists want to make. Lapalux delivers a surreal dreamy experience on “Don’t Mean A Thing” that hits hard in the gentlest way.

1. “Cosine” PBR Street Gang & X Press 2, futureboogie
In the mood for some trigonometrically inspired dance music? Our #1 top track this week is from groove godzillas PBR Streetgang. Fall into this one and groove right into Friday!


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