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Top 10 Progressive / Electro Tracks - 3.6.15 Chart

Electro/ Progressive Tracks

Festival season is starting this month, and there is tons of new music to be dropped on main stages worldwide. There are some crazy collaborations to watch out for as well. This week's chart consists of heavy electro tracks with some minimal progressive tracks that caught my attention too.

1. "Rocking with the Best (Tjamo remix)" - Laidback Luke

This is one classic we all know, but this remix just puts the rack in a whole new light. It's one of those tracks you hear live and just lose your shit to at a festival. This remix is officially one of my favorite tracks of all time.

2. "Matador VIP" - Bare

I first heard this at his set when he played Nocturnal and loved it then too. Bare is making his rounds in the industry with support from artists globally. Not only that, but playing some major shows recently too. If you like crazy tracks, then listen to this one.

3. "Midnight" - Night Crime

Night Crime is tearing it up right now in the industry. They are getting massive support from Oliver Heldins, LA radio stations, and all over the web. Released on Buygore, "Midnight" is one track you'll hear gets tons of traction. This song has a deep house vibe to it accompanied by an electro buildup and layout. This dynamic duo is going to just get bigger and bigger in the industry, so do not be the last one to find out about them.

4. "Voodoo" - DVBBS & Jay Hardway

Some more Spinnin' music has been released and this time we have one hell of a collaboration. I really loved that old school Avicii-sounding intro to this. I like some of the music these artist's put out alone, but them together is just dope. I am positive the next festival you attend... you will hear this.

5. "Phoenix" -Sander Van Doorn & R3hab

Sometimes when I hear big names work together on a track it's 50/50 for me. Either it's going to be everything you expected and better, or it's just going to let you down super hard. These two names together had me excited right away when I saw them, and they did not let me down one bit. I love those weird and gnarly electro sounds so this was just perfect for me.

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6. "The End" - Lucky Date & David Solano

I am a sucker for when there is a purpose and meaning to a track. I really enjoy the past production from these artist's individually, and now together it's more then I could have imagined. I highly encourage you to give this your undivided attention.

7. "HeadBang" - Charity Strike

From the first sound I heard, I knew I had to put this one in the charts. I love the articulation in the melody and just how everything rolled together. It sounds super Middle Eastern and European, so that's a plus. Check out their other music too cause they are one interesting duo.

8. "Dance" - Droplex

This is one heavy electro track that people would love if it got more exposure. It is like a Melbourne style with electro sounds and deep house roots. Another thing that I thought was cool was the name. Based out of Budapest, Droplex is one artist who needs to crossover more to the States. One of the most unique artists I have heard in a while hands down.

9. "It Feels" - NERVO

I find this super catchy and can see it blowing up on the radio. Mim and Liv have their eggs in baskets every where right now and are only growing the Nervo Nation. The music video is coming out soon so make sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

10.  "Magnetic (Kevin Wild Remix & Helix High Remix)" - Manufactured Superstars 

The song title alone deserves a feature on the charts, and this is one distinct remix of it. I highly enjoy the transitions in this one. You get a little bit of both worlds. The first drop was that dirty electro I love, then the following one was just was the icing on the cake. Great remix and collaberation from Kevin Wild & Helix High.

BONUS: "Elastic Hearts (Kid Arcade Remix)" - Sia

Kid Arcade got a hold of this popular Sia track and now we have an empowering remix. Sia's voice alone just flows and this remix just goes with it so easily.

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